Warning Signs - Alaska's Wild Change

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I decided to edit a video with some meaning this time around. Usually when I return from a working trip somewhere I throw together a montage. This time I wanted to somehow give back to Alaska, create some awareness, after 5 Summers of shooting video there. The bottom line is that Alaska's Glaciers are retreating faster than anywhere else in the world. They are rising sea level faster than the melt of Greenland or Antarctica. At the same time, it is the United State's most wild environment. See for yourself, and ask what you want to do about it.

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Behind the Scenes look at "Bad Moon Rising" shoot

A glimpse of what the sidelines looked like for a recent photo shoot with: Photographer: Andrew Parsons Art Director: Megan Rainwater MUA & Hair: Yessie Libbie Wall Artist: Mike Rempe Model: Elle Debell SMG Model: Katherine Wimett SMG Videographer & Editor: M. Beau Sylte Assistant Videographer: Andrew Adkins Original Music By Matthew Lobe Clothing Designed By Pepper Petersen Jewelry Designed By Hannah Reynolds Special Thanks- Marginal Way Skate Park Creators, Ryan Lobe & Lynn Davidson

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Antarctica - Fluffly Penguins and Greatness


Antarctica. The final frontier, the end of the earth, what more needs to be said? Fluffy fluffy penguins abound, human and natural history wonderment, 360degree glaciers to the sea. Karen was able to come down for her one and only Christmas break 2011, and this is a visual account of some of the sights and experiences. Here is my edit, all shot by me on a Canon t2i, and GoPro. Footage also used for Lindblad Expeditions ©Lindblad 2012.

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For Fun - Winter Mix

Now a trilogy, winter mix combines just a fraction of the video I managed to capture over the winter months. From Washington State to Panama, this video has wildlife and adventure moments from all over the Pacific. Have a watch and enjoy. Footage also used for Lindblad Expeditions ©2011


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